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Monday, 10 May 2010

Hate to say I told you so...

but I did and I did and i did and i did

it's hard to get much publicity for a blog, and the lack of responses here really disheartened me. but this is nothing short of outrageous.

there MUST be an English parliament now at the very least. England voted for a Conservative majority. Regardless of your individual politics, or how you voted at the election, this situation is a disgrace. The democratic expression of the English has been denied by the votes of other countries.

If the 'progressive coalition' happens, it will require the votes of Scottish and Welsh nationalist MPs, bought by protecting their countries from cuts that will fall all the more harshly in England. The American's call it Pork-Barrell Politics - I simply call it subjugation.


Quiet_Man said...

We certainly need an English Parliament, but I don't hold up much hope of the Tories ever giving us one, the clue is in the "Unionist" part of their title. An English parliament would probably hold far too much power over a UK government.

As for comments, hang in there, it takes a while and commenting elsewhere gets you noticed too.

Anonymous said...

You're disheartened because no one responds on your blog, How the FF do you think I felt, when, having deposited £500, put in a further £500 for leaflet production and delivery only to receive less than 600 votes in the GE?
The English Democrats Party with 107 candidates polled on avrage 706votes each.
Are we disheartened - NO.
Up keep the chin and carry on with the fight.
Pat Harris. Portsmouth, England.

i albion said...

I go along with all of the above.

Wyrdtimes said...

Looks like we're in serious danger of getting a Lib/Lab/SNP/Plaid alliance.

As terrible as that sounds there could be no better recruiting sergeant for the English cause.

Don't get disheartened on the blogging front. Every word you write in support of England has an effect.

One way to spread word of your blog updates is to get onto twitter. It's free and a great way to share info about. Add me @wyrdtimes then look at some of the folk I follow - there's a lot of like minds there and growing every day.

Remember we're not playing a short game here. We fight for England - we never give up. we'll get there in the end. Home rule for England.

Toque said...

As someone who has been blogging on the English issue for over six years now, I know that it can seem like a thankless task. But chin up, the Status Quo is fatally undermined. Things might not shift in our direction immediately, but the logic of our case will win out in the end.

The England flags that will soon festoon the country will give you heart, I noticed that most petrol stations seem to be selling those car flags now. It may seem like a daft point, but it all adds to the growing sense of Englishness that will eventually demand political expression.

As Wyrdtimes says, it's a long haul - it's only by chipping away that we'll overturn the entrenched attitudes at Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Such has the brainwashing been in England that people confuse my English Democrat sticker as either BNP- or me being a registered Footy hooligan...of which I'm neither.
Another few years of this and it would have been illegal to fly the Cross of St.George!

John G said...

I only found out about your blog a minute ago on the Telegraph online message boards. So there's something to be said for viral marketing. Keep it up.