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Thursday, 25 February 2010

England is better off alone...

As usual, Dan Hannan has an interesting post today.
As usual, Dan is not following his thoughts through to the logical conclusion, which is that every argument for the UK leaving the EU is valid for England leaving the UK. I really hope one day soon the Eurosceptics in all parties will realise that Unionism (in terms of the UK) is incompatible with Euroscepticism.The only intellectually honest position is to advocate English secession from the UK, which would also acheive secession from the EU at the same time.
Alex Salmond used to have a slogan 'Independence in Europe' which was a way of saying they'd like the whole EU to pay for them rather than just the English.
I have a much more simple slogan for the English independence movement.
It's simply 'Independence.'

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