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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A denial of self-determination

From the Conservative manifesto:

"Labour have refused to address the so-called ‘West Lothian Question’: the unfair situation of Scottish MPs voting on matters which are devolved. A Conservative government will introduce new rules so that legislation referring specifically to England, or to England and Wales, cannot be enacted without the consent of MPs representing constituencies of those countries."

Of the 532 seats contested in England on May 6 (a final seat will be contested on 27 May), the Conservatives won an absolute majority with 61 seats more than all other parties combined, and secured an average swing of 5.6% from Labour.

The English have clearly voted for self-determination, and the proposed 'progressive coalition' is nothing but the proposed denial of the English right to self-determination and the democratic expression of the English voters.

Whoever you voted for, wherever your normal political loyalties lie, you should be outraged by this.


Loz said...

With a welsh grandad and a scotish father in law I was proud to be British, not anymore. The snp complain that a conservative coalition has no mandate to govern Scotland, they have there own parliment and it the scotish mp's that have the power at westminster. England is a conservative country and Scotland labour, I believe the best course of action and to keep everyone happy would be for the conservatives to team up with the nationalists and offer a referendum on breaking up the union. All members of the uk vote with a yes / no for each country so the union could shrink or totally disolve.

steve said...

I want to know what happened to SNP vote.

Or are the Scots just being canny and voting with their sporrans?

I want an English Parliament, I would like the Commons to become the seat of federal government (replacing the Lords as the upper house.) It won't happen.

Over the last few days I have been think about an EP in terms of geography. I don't think if we get out parliament it should be in London. It is obvious that place is now foreign.
It would be good to see it in Winchester. Or anywhere that is still identifiably English.

Anonymous said...

How's about York?, the countyside, the people, the geographical location and above all, the Englishness of the place.
Pat Harris, Portsmouth, Englsnd.

Anonymous said...

Give Alex Salmond his due.
He is absolutely right when it comes to England.
He tells us to get off our backsides and demand an English parliament and to take the effort to assert ourselves.
He has no problem with that - would welcome it.
He is not our enemy, the lib/lab/con and its determination to keep the Union are our enemies.
How many reading this voted for them?
Yes a referendum for all. The SNP would welcome it as would all true English Nationalists such as myself.

Wyrdtimes said...

The Conservatives can't be trusted on anything. Cameron has made it clear what he thinks of anyone who wants equality for England - "sour little Englanders".

Come the Tory party conference we should make sure they all have the word England ringing in their ears on the way in and the way out.

Wyrdtimes said...

More posts please. Any views on the world cup?