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Monday, 25 January 2010

More BBC bias...

I have mentioned before about the anti-English bias at the BBC.
Now see this at the CEP blog.
It has all the hallmarks of the usual anti-English cultural genocide. The blithe assertion that there is no such thing as Englishness, followed illogically by the assertion that Englishness is somehow evil or dirty (remarkable properties for something that doesn't exist), the Empire slander.
I'm not going to debate the rights and wrongs of Empire here, but I will point out the following - it was the British Empire, and Britain is the creation of the Scots. The creators of the Empire, and the personnel on the ground were also predominately Scottish.
It is only by pretending that Englishness is non-existent or racist or dirty (which it certainly isn't) that the UK can rationalise the destruction of Englishness Sovereignty, the denial of democratic expression, and the genocide of our identity.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

From the Official UK Citizenship guide...

And I quote... "The Scottish and Welsh will usually say that they have British (or UK) citizenship, but that their nationailty is Scottish or Welsh. In Northern Ireland, some people say they are British, some people say they are Irish and some people say they are both...People born in England will more often say that their nationality as well as their citizenship is British."

It's amazing isn't it? All those people who who despaired at Steve Mclaren as the rain fell down at Wembley in 2007, all the people who celebrated when Jonny Wilkinson dropped his World Cup-Winning goal in 2003, who celebrated the Ashes wins in 2005 and 2009*... they didn't actually exist! If John Terry returns from South Africa having lifted the World Cup, nobody will celebrate that 'their' country has won, because nobody will feel that 'their' country has won.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

An election poster you won't see

I don't think this one will be appearing on billboards anytime soon. But as Obama almost said 'Can we get democracy for England?... Yes Witan.'

You can make your own poster here.

Ignoring England

Mark Reckons has an analysis of Iain Dale's 2010 prediction.
He makes some good points, but ignores the central point, that England's clear vote for a Conservative government with a clear majority would be being denied by Scottish and Welsh votes.

Why 2010 is so important... (part 2)

A thought experiment, if you will indulge me.
Forgive me, Iain Dale, for asking my readers to imagine your prediction is wrong. Imagine the SNP do better than you've predicted, or UKIP squeeze the Conservatives in a few key marginals. Imagine, in short, that the Conservatives fall a few seats short of an overall majority.
The clear choice of the English people would be a Conservative government, denied by the choices of voters in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Why 2010 is so important... (part 1)

You may have seen Iain Dale's prediction for the 2010 election.
He is predicting a narrow Conservative majority of just 12 seats. Amazingly, this corresponds almost exactly to the number of seats he is predicting the Conservatives will win outside England (13).
If his breakdown is correct, the 'United Kingdom Government' will have just 9 out of 40 seats in Wales and 4 out of 59 seats in Scotland. This will give them virtually no democratic mandate to rule the whole of the UK, and rob the UK of any claim to legitimacy as a unified state. Their power will rest almost solely on winning 318 out of 529 English seats.

What's true of the EU, is true of the UK, only more so...

Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Harwich and Clacton and one of the most thoughtful politicans of our age, is submitting a Private Members Bill on an 'in or out' referendum regarding the UK's membership of the EU. It is an important bill, that deserves to be widely publicised and I urge you to go to his page and send it on to your friends or on facebook, twitter, blogs etc.
I'm afraid, however, that Douglas isn't really taking things to their logical conclusion. Every argument that can be made against the UK being a member of the EU (loss of sovereignty, financial cost, loss of an independent voice in the world, a lack of democracy) is equally true of England's membership of the UK.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Quangos instead of democracy...

While England remains the only country in the UK or the EU without a proper, democratically-elected National Assembly or Parliament, we do seem to have more than our fair share of undemocratic, crony-filled quangos.
England deserves proper self-determination and a democratically elected national assembly. The UK can only survive by pretending English patriotism is either shameful or doesn't exist. We can only acheive true self-determination through secession from the UK.

A Campaign that keeps its promises

As promised, a facebook page.
WHy not become a fan and suggest your friends join?

If the cause of English Independence matters to you...

Spread the word!
Please publicise this blog on your facebook and twitter accounts, on your blog, by email, at the watercooler...
Its important that we get as many people aware of this campaign. I want people from across the political spectrum involved in this campaign.

Council Tax timebomb could blow the union apart

Over on Dizzy, an interesting article regarding Labour plans for an increase in English Council Tax if they win the election.
What is most interesting to me, is what Dizzy doesn't point out. If Labour is still in power after the next election, it will almost certainly be as a result of winning Scottish and Welsh constituencies and without a majority mandate in England. If they increase council tax in England with the votes of Scottish MPs they will be slapping English voters in the face with a big leather gauntlet, finely embroidered with the words 'Democratic Deficit'.

The Anti-English Mainstream Media Bias

Over on 'A National Conversation for England' an interesting point about the General Election Leader debates, (2 posts, here and here).
As they rightly point out, these debates are being presented as affecting 'The UK', when actually many policies discussed at these debates will affect only England. This point is completely ignored by the Mainstream Media.
You will also almost certainly not be surprised to know that the BBC has created a Scottish History Portal. The Scots are clearly a proud people with a long, interesting, and eventful history. Judging by the English History Portal, we are slightly lacking in that regard (hat tip forengland).

Monday, 18 January 2010

Correction Update...

Actually, I was right the first time!
The Free England Party disbanded at the end of 2009 following an argument between the membership and the leadership. Originally formed as a centrist party with a civic view of nationality similar to that advocated by this blog, towards the end of 2009 the party leadership advocated a move to an ethnic view of nationality.
Hearteningly, this extremist swing was rejected by the party membership, who wanted to retain the inclusive view of Englishness. The tensions caused led the party to disband.


First day blogging, first mistake!
There is indeed a party calling for full sovereign independence from the UK for England, the Free England Party.
To repeat my previous post, this blog does not endorse the Free England Party or indeed any other party. My aim is to advance the cause of English Independence in all political parties, so that English patriotism and Nationalism is no longer the poor relation to its Scottish and Welsh cousins.
However, I did want to acknowledge the error in my previous post, and make the correction. If there are any other parties out there advocating English Independence, please let me know and I will put the record straight.

Independent England, Independent Thought

This blog is not affiliated in anyway to any political party.
This is not only because no political party is currently advocating English Independence. It is also because I feel that the cause of national self-determination is essentially apolitical, and I do not wish to alienate any potential supporters of that cause with any political endorsements.
My own political views could be characterised as on the Libertarian side of Right-of-Centre thought, but is essentially irrelevant to the cause of English Independence and the principle of self-determination.
My goal is to attract supporters of all parties who identify themselves as English, and deplore the denial of English national and cultural identity within the United Kingdom. By doing so, I hope to advance the cause of English Independence and ensure addressing the injustices done to England are moved up the list of priorities in all political priorities.

The English People...

This blog deplores racism and does not advocate an ethnocentric view of citizenship. It is true, that once nationality was inherently bound with the concept of ethnicity, and in many places still is, as shown by the Balkan Conflicts in general, the Kosovo situation in particular, the situations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the tensions in Iraq.
The violence and ethnic cleansings in these areas, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and pogroms throughout history all show the dangers and indeed reprehensibility of identifying nationhood too closely with ethnicity. The Second World War and the holocaust in particular gave Nationalism a dirty name, by association with belligerence, right-wing dogma, and genocide.

The Campaign for an Independent England

Welcome to the campaign for an Independent England.

We believe that the best interests of England will be served by cession from the United Kingdom and the establishment of an independent English state. The devolution introduced since 1997 has created a democratic deficit that penalises the people living in England, and makes them pay for it. Even Scots and Welsh Nationalists have noted the disadvantage suffered by England. The English Democrats, a minor party with no MPs or councillors, obstensibly campaign for 'England', but their manifesto calls only for an English Parliament within a federal UK, which is manifestly not independence and a weaker position than that held by the SNP or Plaid Cymru in relation to Scotland or Wales.