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Thursday, 11 February 2010

The EU is the UK, but more so...

There has been lots of comment and speculation about an EU rescue of Greece and in particular whether the UK will or will not (or morally should or should not) contribute.

Whilst there are arguments on all sides (we shouldn't, we're not part of the Euro; we should, we're part of the EU; we won't get a choice, Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty; how can we afford it, we're broke?), there is another issue I'd like to raise.

England has been bailing out the rest of the UK for centuries. It's now officially enshrined as the Barnett formula. Free prescriptions, tuition and care for the elderly, unheard of in England, are the standard in other parts of the UK.

Eurosceptics often point out that noone under 52 has ever voted on our membership of the EU. I would point out that noone has EVER voted on England's participation in the UK. How about that for a referendum?

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